Scientists at Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Fundamental Research have been working since 2001 to build and launch Astrosat. If successful, it will allow astronomers to study black holes as never before and get closer to understanding how our universe is formed. But as things start to go wrong, they soon discover the enormity of the challenge they have taken on. Filmed over 5 years, we follow these astronomers on this ‘topsy-turvy ride’ to space. Vinita, working in the telescope team, is more excited about her lab work than about the prospect of an arranged marriage. When he’s not building Astrosat, Professor Rao visits Geeta Nagar, the slum next door, where children like Sandhya, inspired by the rocket launch, dream of a better life. The stakes are big for everyone – but so are the obstacles in a country constantly struggling against the odds. As countdown to launch approaches will their 15 years of hard work pay off?