The movie Adamstown is based on the graphic novel by Verena Braun.
In a town out in „the West“ (shot in the flatlands of Northern Germany), animals and humans a struggling and fighting about power and influence. A bank must be built, bullets must be shot and a curse has too be broken.
Behind the scenes on the other hand, people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, refugees, people with and without disabilities, old and young were working together to crush borders and show respect.
Intercultural work, inclusiveness and human rights where the driven forces for the educational project around the movie and our message we wanted to deliver with the movie … embedded in a fantastic story with a divers (and fantastic) cast.

The Hollywood Reporter:
„If Wes Anderson. adapted a German Comic book filled with talking animals and then cast amateur actors – many of them recent refugees – to play the leading role, the result might. look something like Patrick Merz and Henning Wötzel-Herber’s Adamstown. Oh, and it’s a musical, too. “