A two part script: 242 pages. “BILLYBALL” details the life and death of famed baseball player/manager Billy Martin. My script describes Billy’s incessant frantic activities during his life, from his many physical brawls (most of which he won) to his many disagreements with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, his antics with his “pard”, The Mick (Mickey Mantle, heated love making and arguments with both wives, Lois and Jill, his terrible drinking episodes (including Christmas Day 1989 the day of his untimely death at age 61. “BILLYBALL” hits hard almost as hard as Billy hit his adversaries, from his acid tongue (very, very acidic) to his abrupt decisions to leave various management positions when criticized unfairly (in his mind). “BILLYBALL” should be shot in black and white for the first half of the script then should change over to color at the signing of the change of ownership to shipping magnate George Steinbrenner. “BILLYBALL” is not a baseball story, “BILLYBALL” is a true account of how alcohol abuse can ruin a good person’s life, as the preamble to Billy’s story explains before credits.